Prostate Cancer Treatment Options You Should Know

When you go to the doctor for a prostate problem or even just for a routine checkup, you likely never think of the possibility that you can come away with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Understandably, the news can come as a major shock and may leave you in a confused daze. However, there is no time to waste when you are dealing with cancer, no matter what stage the cancer is at or how slow-growing the cancer seems to be. It is always better to be cautious and pursue prostate cancer treatment options as soon and as quickly as possible.

If you or someone you love are currently facing a prostate cancer diagnosis, get to know some of your options for treating prostate cancer Denver CO. Then, you can contact the right oncologist or oncology surgeon to help you get the care and treatment that you need to overcome your cancer diagnosis and get your health back under control.

Prostate Cancer Treatment


Oftentimes, one of the best options for treating prostate cancer Denver CO is through surgery. The surgical removal of the cancerous mass (tumor) on the prostate or the prostate as a whole can do away with all prostate cancer cells if the cancer has been determined to be stage one. Stage one prostate cancer refers to cancer that has not moved beyond the prostate and is not advanced.

On the other hand, if your cancer is more advanced, surgery may still be an option. However, rather than being the solution to the cancer problem, it may just be one of several steps necessary to fight the cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is another treatment option that is often utilized in treating prostate cancer Denver CO. Radiation therapy is a form of treatment that can be administered in two ways. The first and most often used method is through regular appointments in an oncologist’s office or hospital. The radiation is beamed externally to the cancerous area of the body and the high-energy beam heats up the cancer cells causing them irreparable damage. This can kill existing cancer cells and can prevent these cells from replicating and the cancer from growing.

On the other hand, there is also internal radiation therapy. This usually occurs in combination with prostate cancer surgery. When the surgeon is removing the prostate or the cancerous portion of the prostate, they will implant tiny radioactive seeds. These seeds release low doses of radiation to the area continuously to kill off any cancer cells that may have escaped detection and to prevent the recurrence of cancer in the area in the future. Internal radiation therapy is often utilitized if a man has had prostate cancer on more than one occasion or has a previous history of other forms of cancer that may increase the potential for recurrence.

These are the two primary means of treating prostate cancer Denver CO. However, if these methods do not work or you need further care, there are also other options, both standard and experimental in nature that can help you to fight and beat your prostate cancer.