Maintaining Superior Performance in Your Diagnostic Lab

A key aspect of any medical examination is the tests that are performed to determine the patient’s condition.  In most instances a competent physician relies upon the results of these tests as part of the information used to assess the patient’s current condition and status. The patient’s cholesterol level, blood pressure, body temperature, weight and heartbeat serve to indicate the condition of the patient and provide the physician with a baseline against which he/she can then compare future examination results.  These then serve as indicators when a patient’s condition may be in the process on undergoing a change in condition that may or may not be indicative of the onset of possible serious physical changes.


When faced with concerns of this nature, the physician is quite naturally dependent upon reliable and dependable performance on the part of the medical laboratory which performs the tests that are ordered in order to evaluate the patient’s condition.  And the laboratory that performs those tests is equally dependent upon the providers of the most reliable and dependable quality supplies and chemicals to be assured that the tests performed are done to a level of satisfaction and to be sure that no false results may occur that might result in a misdiagnosis or an error in prescribing treatment on the part of the physician.  There is a chain of dependency in this process, with the patient being dependent upon the physician, who relies on the technicians and analysts in the laboratory, who depend on the providers of the tools and chemicals used to perform the tests.  Each member in the process relies upon the other, yet the interdependence is rarely acknowledged except when an unexpected break in the chain happens.

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