How to Pass a Hair Drug Test with 100% Accuracy

So, you’re facing the follicle test, huh? It’s a true challenge that’s for sure. The follicle test is among the most accurate when it comes to detecting drug use and at the same time, it is hardest if not impossible to fake. See here how this test is actually conducted and some other things you might want to know about it.

If you’re about to do a follicle drug test, we hope you have at least two weeks to prepare. Everything less than 10 days will mean a sure failure and getting positive results. In order to pass, you need 2 weeks to do a proper hair treatment with the best detox shampoo on the market.

What shampoo should I use?

You are going to need the Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. This is the only and the best-proven way to pass. However, it’s not enough to just wash with it like you do every day. You’ll have to follow the instructions written on it. In short, they say that you have to put quite an effort. The shampoo must be used up to 4 times a day in a period of straight 10 days minimum.

We suggest prolonging this to at least two weeks just to be sure that you did a good job. Often people think they wash the proper way, but they only do it partially. It must be rinsed thoroughly and be reached down to the scalp.

That’s why a lot of articles on the subject suggest massaging the head while washing. This is because the scalp will be best rinsed with this technique and every part will be perfectly cleaned.

After two weeks’ time, you’re good to go. The follicles are cleaned from the toxins inside and you’ll surely pass. That’s why you must only use the best THC detox shampoo when attempting this.

Is there a way to make sure I’ll pass

If you’re still scared and wondering if this is enough, you can do the macujo method. This is a complex way of washing and there are many different versions of it. Here is the basic one and the one that’s proven to work.

For the macujo method, you’ll need 4 ingredients – vinegar, pink clean and clear solution, Aloe Rid shampoo, and Tide detergent. Some people like to add another fast cleaning detox shampoo on the last few washes, but we don’t recommend this because you’ll already be using some strong chemicals that will surely damage your hair.

What you need to do is first wet your hair and put the vinegar. Wash thoroughly with it so you reach every part of the scalp. Then add the pink solution which is actually a skincare product and it’s not dangerous but will help you in opening those pores on the scalp. Leave this combination to sit like that for around 30 minutes.

After this, it’s time for the detox solution. This is the most important ingredient. It works by skinning the layers of the follicles and opening them for the toxins to come out. The problem why it’s so hard to get rid of the drug substances is because they are located deep inside the follicle which has over 12 layers of protection.

Wash what you have with this shampoo and make sure you do it right. If you want to learn more how this part of the human body is made, see this link:

In the end, wash again with the detergent. This is a strong chemical and will probably damage your hair, but it’s better to have it damaged than being sacked out of work, right? Repeat this process in the last few days before the test and especially the day before you go to the examination.

Additional combos

Some people like to mix other detox shampoos at the end of the macujo method thinking that this will help additionally. There’s no logic in doing this because you’re already using a detox formula in the process. Why would you need another one?

However, nothing’s going to be lost if you try. Just remember that these formulas are often highly toxic and may damage your hair permanently unlike the Aloe Rid which is based on natural ingredients and you can use it every day as your regular shampoo.

If open the internet, you’ll see a lot of people complaining about any product that’s claiming to be effective in the fight for the negative result. Everyone that says it works in less than 10 days is a fraud. Still, some people claim that it helped them when they combined these solutions with the macujo method. So, if you’re desperate, there’s nothing to lose, right? Of course, except for the quality of your hair, but this is a small price to pay for keeping your job.