Healthy Snacking at Work – Energy Bars to the Rescue

You spend about one third of your lives working, and therefore what you eat at the workplace will definitely have an impact on your health. Eating healthy and especially at the office can be challenging. Boredom, stress and peer pressure often lead you towards unhealthy snacks like the Sweets, chocolates, biscuits and chips.

Many researches highlight the ill-effects of unhealthy snacks as higher prevalence of pre-obesity, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. This is attributed to sedentary lifestyles and frequent hawker and food takeouts from the nearby popular joints. In addition office canteens are also largely packed with unhealthy junk food loaded with sugar and fats.

Snacking is healthy but only if you pursue it in a healthy way. Healthy snacking comes with whole lot of advantages. It curbs your appetite and cravings, prevents over-eating, improves mental function, manages blood sugar levels, keep you nourished and energized for the day.

Breakfast Cereal and Other Ingredients in a Wooden Box

Switching from unhealthy to healthy food is not easy so start with small changes, one step at a time.


Reduce your dependence on processed and packed foods. Sweets, chocolates, biscuits and potato chips may keep you only tend to keep you satisfied only for a short while they are zero in nutrients and high sodium and fat content.

Go for natural and wholesome food. Natural foods etc are healthy snacks that you can keep within you reach.


When hit with hunger pang you end up grabbing unhealthy tidbits like candy bars, chocolates, biscuits and chips. Keep healthy foods like nuts, healthy seeds, fruits and dried fruits within reach. Multigrain biscuits and digestives, granola bars or energy bars are some healthy options to consider.

Easiest way to snack healthy at work is to have healthy options closer and unhealthy ones far and out of sight.


Even when you eat healthy portion control is paramount. Over-eating or binge eating is another foe when it comes to lifestyle based disorders.  Snacks you choose should be a combination of proteins, fats and carbs. Smart combinations of snacks can help you balance your blood sugar levels so you can have consistent energy throughout the day.

ENERGY BARS- a ideal office snack

Energy bars are now the in-trend and most feasible option to eat at your desk. The most commonly asked question when it comes to energy bar is are they really healthy or just hype?

Well, to put you at ease energy bars are indeed healthy and with increase in the varieties you can safely choose a healthiest energy bar for yourself. Energy bars are made up of natural ingredients and wholesome foods like oats, granola, fruits, dry fruits, nuts, seeds etc. To keep you full and recharge your energy levels.

a word of caution, as the market for energy bar is vast it is easy to be fooled by the unnecessary marketing. Reading food labels, nutrition labels and ingredient list is necessary. A healthiest energy bar should fulfill following criteria –

  1. Calories should be between 200-350
  2. Sugar should be less than 15gram and about 3 grams of fiber (or more)
  3. Less than 3 gm of saturated fat and zero Trans fat

Protein anywhere between 10-20gm