Clear Signs of Hearing Loss

No one wants to admit that they may be losing their hearing, but there are about 36 million Americans dealing with hearing loss. Therefore, there is no reason to be ashamed if you happen to be one of them. If you are not sure whether your hearing is starting to fade or not you may want to look over the following signs. Getting help from an audiologist is the first step towards hearing better, and it is the best thing you can do for yourself. There is no reason to continue to suffer when there are medical interventions out there.

Hearing Loss

Noticing Children and Women are Not Loud Enough

If you find yourself straining frequently to hear children and women when they are talking this is a sign that your hearing may be starting to lessen. This is because high pitched sounds are usually the first that people struggle to hear. Someone that is just starting to suffer from hearing loss will find women and children are the first to be hard to hear since their voices tend to be at a higher pitch then men’s voices. If you notice that birds, babies crying, or music is harder to fully hear than it used to be this is also another indication that it may be time to look into audiology services in Houston.

People Keep Asking You to Turn Down the TV

Everyone likes to listen to the television at different levels, so if someone asks you to turn it down once or twice that is not significant. However, if you are always being told to turn down the TV when someone visits or by your spouse or children there is a good chance that your hearing may be diminishing. Instead of getting snappy with them, it may be time to consider seeing someone to check out your hearing. The same is true of music or any other audio input that you may have playing in your home.

Relatives Complain You Keep Asking Them to Repeat Things

Once again, if you need someone to repeat themselves here and there it could just mean they garble their words or are a soft speaker. However, if you keep asking people to repeat things to the point that they start complaining to you about it there is a good chance you need to check your hearing. Especially if a variety of people are complaining about your hearing. Chances are there is something going on if more than one person starts complaining.

Unsure Where Sounds are Coming From

Usually if someone starts talking you know exactly where in space they are talking from. However, if you are starting to suffer from hearing loss it will be harder to determine the direction that sound is coming from. This can be true of someone talking or any beeping or any other noise in a room. If figuring out where noise is coming from is starting to become an issue for you then it is time to get your hearing tested.